Advanced Technologies Group Inc.

Disaster Recovery Services

When it comes to anything concerning technology every company has to always be prepared for the unexpected. All companies should put as priority in their business the implementation of technologies that can quickly duplicate company data at a remote location fast and with efficiency. ATG can provide your company all the IT outsourcing services needed for disaster recovery.

Many small companies lack a comprehensive disaster recovery plan due to the forbidding costs. Fortunately, with disaster recovery outsourcing everybody can afford a reduced cost business Continuity Plan. Your business data can be replicated to a secure, remote data center in real time. None of your data will be lost when a disaster hits your primary IT facility. Companies with very time critical data can have a mirror facility or else Hot-Site. When your primary IT facility goes down, you can switch your IT systems to the mirrored site in a few minutes or less. Internet VPN technology makes data transfer to a remote site very secure.