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Dynamic Database Driven Websites

The Internet is continuing to gain acceptance as a promotional media.  Increasingly, organizations are turning to the Internet to promote their products and services.  As organizations implement a product-based web site, they are faced with two issues:  the design of the site and the maintenance of the content (text and graphics) displayed on the site.  The problem is that, more often than not, the people responsible for providing and maintaining the content for the web site do not have sufficient knowledge of HTML.  Not every organization can afford to have a full-time Webmaster.

Using a database-driven web site design, we are able to separate site design issues from content issues.  Instead of writing HTLM for every page of the site, we use a dynamic design which combines templates of the page design with a database containing the content to be displayed on each page.

ATG has developed database-driven web sites for many of its clients.  We use HTML to implement the web-site design and PHP/MySQL to implement the content database.  Behind-the-scene database utilities allow non-technical people to enter and maintain the text and graphics displayed on the web site.  Both text and graphics are easily changed and dynamically reflected on the production web site.

Our strategy allows us to use rapid application development to implement a web site.  Our clients have found this to be an extremely cost-effective way to deploy a product web site without having to establish a position for an in-house webmaster.