Advanced Technologies Group Inc.

Network Administration

Whether it’s wired or wireless, ATG can provide a complete or partial network administration to address day-to-day issues. This knowledge ensures your networks will run faster, smarter and more efficiently. We can help with an array of your most needed and popular network admin tasks like email, security, communication, and mobility. We can administer network servers, specific to your business, like file servers, VPN gateways, intrusion detection systems and anti-virus software.

By using our Network Administration services the less you have to worry about your company’s network efficiency and you will utilize all your resources on the success of your particular business.

ATG provides network services for the following:

  • Workstation configuration and troubleshooting
  • Application installation, configuration and support.
  • Adding and deleting network users and groups
  • Assigning users to groups Providing and changing user passwords
  • Creating and providing access to user home directories
  • Maintaining user and group permissions on directory shares
  • Identifying potential security violations