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Online Backup Services

With a plethora of records, contacts and business related material stored in a digital format nowadays, it has become increasingly imported for all businesses to perform regular back-ups in order to ensure a smooth running operation that is not influenced by disasters that can affect digital data integrity

Digital data can be affected by various reasons. Most common causes are hardware malfunction, human error, software corruption and computer viruses.

Mainstream conventional approaches to backup are not as efficient. High failure rates during data restoration, high maintenance costs, expensive storage of tapes and negligence require businesses to look for a more efficient approach to data backup.

Online Backup Systems offer a low cost, error free approach to data protection. With four components, two server-side and two client-side, our application is the ultimate Backup solution.

1. Offsite Backup Server

The core server application of the software offering centralized backup services to client users, which allows system administrators to manage individual users and their account configurations, as well as monitor the entire system’s performance easily.

2. Online Backup Manager

A comprehensive client side backup application bundled with various database backup modules for backing up files and databases from client-side computers to the Offsite Backup Server, which is most suitable for backing up servers.

3. A-Click Backup

A light version of Online Backup Manager with all major features retained while having an easy-to-use interface, which is most suitable for backing up desktop and laptop computers.

4. Replication Server

A server application for storing data replicated from one or multiple Offsite Backup Servers, so as to provide an additional level of protection to the backed up data.