Advanced Technologies Group Inc.

Video Surveillance Systems

Digital video recording systems and security cameras are the most effective video surveillance solutions and they offer a wide range of capabilities. Digital surveillance systems offer a high level of flexibility and ease-of-access in addition to exceptional imaging performance, flexibility and longevity.

Digital video surveillance is replacing traditional VCR- and analog-based solutions because it enables faster searches and eliminates the need to regularly change tapes or maintain a videotape library. Furthermore, the deterioration of videotapes from constant contact with the video heads makes them less effective that the digital video surveillance systems that are inherently more durable, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Digital video systems can be integrated into an existing IP-based network to give immediate access to stored video from any location, making it easy to share information.  Digital video cameras allow businesses to streamline their security to work in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.  Our company offers consulting for a customized surveillance system solution, installation of hardware and software, integration to the existing network infrastructure and ongoing maintenance.