Advanced Technologies Group Inc.

Wireless Services

Our professional installations guarantee the latest in wireless technology and security. There are several stages involved in the installation of a wireless network. The stages may vary in complication and time based on the installation location and the area covered. We perform wireless installations in three stages: Survey, equipment installation and testing for efficacy and security.

Our consultants perform a site survey prior to installation, especially in larger homes and offices. We use specialized test equipment to detect the presence of interfering signals or obstacles like walls, doors and other obstacles that can cause your connection to be irregular and unpredictable. This assessment will allow us to locate the ideal installation point for your wireless network.

During the equipment installation stage, access points will be mounted in their permanent locations and workstations will be equiped with wireless adapters and connected to the wireless point/points. When the installation is complete, connectivity will be verified and a security audit will be performed to verify the protection level of the new wireless network.

In many cases, ATG was asked to implement wireless networks to provide access from locations for which structured cabling solutions were not cost-effective or cost-justified. In other cases, the wireless networks were designed to support seamless roaming across the client's campus. ATG has implemented wireless access solutions that support as many as 350 mobile users.